OP07 / Details of Military Vehicles / Reference pack

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This pack features photo references of the military machines. Most of the photos depict components and parts of armor vehicles: wheels, doors and hinges, armed windows and headlights, combat modules and protection plates, sensors and radars, etc.

Possible scenario of usage: photobashing real-world elements of military vehicles to your 3d blockouts (like putting some grills, doors, etc, on the machines you've designed). 

Attention: inside the pack, you won't find photos of complete vehicles, only closeups and details.

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Details and Features:

  • Chromatic aberrations and lens distortion was removed;

  • Original metadata, where you can find focal length and technical info;

  • JPG files are 8-bit and converted from the original raw files;

  • 12-bit DNG files are available on demand.

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233 royalty-free photo references of military armor vehicles

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OP07 / Details of Military Vehicles / Reference pack

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