K01 / Coastal Environment — kitbash set

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This kitbash set is a collection of 3d models featuring coastal environments.
It consists of 27 models delivered in .blend and .glb file formats. Total poly count: 2 000 000


Will it work for concept art? — Definitely, yes
Will it work for matte painting or architectural visualization? — Yes, for far middle ground and background ✅
Will it work for foreground placement and extreme close-ups? — Definitely, no


✅ One-click import (.blend file format, and .glb for any other 3d software)
✅ Mid-resolution geometry and no heavy textures
✅ Models are properly cleaned and scaled. You could start creating compositions just right after downloading
✅ Extended commercial license (you could use the set more than once in you work)
✅ Free sample available
✅ The set is quite cheap

⛔ Unusable for close-ups or highly detailed artworks
⛔ UVs are not perfect
⛔ Only albedo and normal textures
⛔ Mid-resolution textures


If enough artists are interested, I'm planing to add to the set and improve the quality of the existing models, including preparation of higher quality textures, UVs, and optimized geometry. Buy now and get all future updates for free. 

This kit bash set ware created to be a source for matte painting, concept art, illustration, architectural visualization, etc. For personal and commercial usage.

Tags: environment, landscape, nature, view, driftwood, drift wood, countryside, ground, travel, autumn, summer, washed, shore, beach, sea, lake, river, ocean, wind, tide, wave, rocks, rock, stone, cliffs, cliff, ridge, sand, dry, tree, trunk, branch, branches, log, logs, fort, scenery, seascape, oceanic, seaside, marine, europe, mediterranean, atlantic, erosion, rocky, steep rock, bluff rock, escarpment, hill, scarp, precipice, mountain, badlands

I appreciate any feedback, questions, and suggestions — drop me an email

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27 royalty-free 3d models of coastal environments

File format
blend, glb
Total poly count
~ 2 000 000
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K01 / Coastal Environment — kitbash set

1 rating
I want this!