EP50 / Zoo Animals — photo reference pack

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217 photos
JPG, 6720 x 4480 px

This pack features photo references of animals in human-made natural environments.

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Details and Features:

  • Chromatic aberrations and lens distortion was removed;
  • Original metadata, where you can find focal length and technical info;
  • JPG files are 8-bit and converted from the original raw files;
  • 12-bit DNG files are available on demand.

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Tags: environment, landscape, man made, nature, naturalistic, bio park, bio-park, immersion exhibit, view, wild, wildlife, zoo interior, enclosure, fence, savanna, savannah, green, baobab, palm, tropics, jungle, jungles, stone ridge, waterfall, lake, river, cave, roots, trunk, cliff, desert, animals, lion, elephant, giraffe, pelican, flamingo, ostrich, monkey, gorilla, crocodile

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217 royalty-free photo references of zoo animals

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6720 x 4480 px
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EP50 / Zoo Animals — photo reference pack

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